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Wholesome salad - salad with greens, feta cheese, and nuts.

Wholesome SALAD

Megha Goswami in the kitchen.

Hi, I’m Megha!

Join Couple of Expats in the kitchen as we create delicious recipes using simple and fresh ingredients. Our mission is to inspire you to create home cooked meals using our easy-to-personalise recipes even if you're on a budget or a tight schedule. Let's get started!

Are you looking for a way to spice up your salad routine? Our salads aren't like any other salads you've ever had. Instead, they're packed with flavour, guaranteeing that every bite is sweet, tangy, crisp, and fresh. You'll be surprised how soon the salad bowl at your dinner table is empty when you use our salad recipes.



Let's talk salads - salad with spinach, greens, avocado, and nuts.


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