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Hey, let's get to know each other a little better! 


Couple of Expats logo.

In the end of August 2020, Couple of Expats started as a way for us to share our journey as expats living in Finland. As a fairly new couple living away from our home countries, we bonded over our shared love for food and discovering each other’s cultures through home cooking.


Our blogging journey also led us to the realization that people all over the world are eager to learn "the secret" to living in the world's happiest country*. And so, we started creating more content about expat life in Finland and our travel adventures around the world.


From diving into learning about food styling and photography to polishing our story telling skills, we are self-taught, and our learning adventure continues every day. Our goal is to inspire you to live a healthy, adventurous life by sharing our tips and tricks with you.

*In 2022, Finland was crowned the happiest country in the world for the fifth consecutive year (The World Happiness Report).

A collage of pictures with Kristaps Kovalonoks and Megha Goswami.
Megha Goswami enjoying winter in winter.

Our friendship blossomed as we started to travel and explore Finland together. As traveling took a backseat during the pandemic, we realised we were spending more and more time in the kitchen. In no time, we were spending all of our free time in the kitchen developing recipes and learning about food photography.


Knowing that our passions go beyond food, we expanded our content to include fascinating stories of Nordic life and stories of our travels. 


Join us as we go on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and healthy living.




& the start of something special

When we first met, we were both international graduate students from Latvia and India studying in Turku, Finland. Funny enough, at the time we both worked as Student Ambassadors at the University of Turku, where one of our main tasks was to produce content about Finland and life as internationals here.


Our first student apartments were quite tiny – only 18 square meters, including a small kitchenette. Having a small space to work never stopped Kristaps from experimenting in the kitchen. I still remember how impressed I was when he used to invite me over for three-course dinners. Till this date, I’m not sure which I fell for first – Kristaps or his cooking skills!

A picture of Turku Cathedral in autumn.


Some fun facts...

Kristaps Kovalonoks and Megha Goswami in front of Turku Cathedral in summer.

One of us is messy in the kitchen while the other is extremely tidy, so we balance each other out.

We can’t wait to travel the world! But because of the pandemic, we’ve only made it to 7 countries together so far (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Estonia, Spain, Portugal). 

Megha is on a mission to make sure Kristaps falls in love with spicy food. The mission is going well, but the real test is surviving Asian street food.

We love amusement parks but we’re starting to get too old for them. But enjoy it while it lasts, am I right? 

Before dating, Kristaps was confident Megha can’t cook. He was wrong, she just can’t clean. 

We both want a golden retriever someday, but then again who doesn’t?

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