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Melon & Feta Cheese Salad

This melon and feta cheese salad recipe is just perfect for a warm summer day. It has a distinctive flavour combo of sweet and salty that pair harmoniously. A simple recipe that doesn't require you to spend long in the kitchen but is absolutely scrumptious!

One of my favourite signs of summer is how markets transform to a wealth of fresh fruits and vegetables. I have always been a summer person, so when warmer days arrive and we visit the farmers’ market, the first signs of seasonal produce bring me so much excitement.

“Sometimes all we need is good food to turn your bad day around.”

A summer favourite, melons, are the perfect treat as a dessert, as fun snack recipes, and of course as an addition to your salad. While watermelon is one of the most popular choices, melons are so diverse that there are plenty of options to choose from. For our recipe, we chose watermelon and honeydew melon because it was the most easily available to us in this part of the world. And you can easily replace the melon type depending on which melons are available to you at the time of making this recipe.

This super simple and tasty melon and feta cheese salad recipe needs only 30 minutes of your time. Try this savoury salad recipe and don't be too surprised if it becomes your family's favourite salad recipe for the summer!


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