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Crispy Tortilla Salad Bowl

Want to make a salad that will leave a lasting impression? We were initially skeptic whether salads can really be memorable, after all, salads are usually not the most exciting recipes. But we've learned that they surely can be!

This spring we've very much enjoyed discovering and sharing unique salad recipes. Today’s salad is served in a homemade crispy tortilla bowl that makes this recipe a lot of fun to make and equally fun to eat. In case you don't have a tortilla bowl mold, you can definitely use a regular ovenproof glass bowl and pinch the tortilla into a flower shape with your fingers.

The homemade tortilla baskets can also be made ahead and stored in an airtight bag. For meals, large sized tortillas are more appropriate, whereas medium sized tortillas are ideal as a snack. Enjoy this salad basket for dinner or as a healthy side dish!

We know how time can be of the essence, so we assure you this recipe will be done much faster than you think. To speed things along, we recommend baking the crispy tortilla basket while preparing the rest of the salad ingredients. Your tasty meal will be done in 30 minutes! And like any good salad, flexibility is key. Feel free to mix out our ingredients for your favourite ones, or with whatever you have at home at the time.


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