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Mini Pancakes

The minute I dug into these bites of heaven, I realized what the buzz on social media was all about! Mini pancakes are fluffy and soft, and all the things you love about normal pancakes but packed into a smaller packaging. I mean, no wonder they went viral!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially on a slow and lazy Sunday. I just love the slow mornings, making breakfast together, as the aroma of food slowly floats through the apartment. Which is why slow Sundays and miniature food are a saving grace to the usual norm of hurried and hectic mornings.

This mini pancake cereal recipe is super straightforward and quick. In under 20 minutes of prep and cooking time, you will be sitting back and enjoying a warm bowl of mini pancakes. The versatility of this breakfast is that it can be paired with so many ingredients. Milk, butter and maple syrup, whipped cream and berries, fruits and chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, you name it!

Feel free to experiment with the ingredients to your heart’s choices. In case you decide to add milk, please note that the mini pancakes do tend to get soggy rather fast. We liked ours best with berries, maple syrup and sprinkled chocolate chip cookies. To try something new, we also upgraded the normal mini pancakes with cocoa powder to make chocolate pancakes.

One of the things we enjoyed most about this recipe was piping the small circles of batter on to the non-stick skillet. It’s super fun to do but you have to keep a quick pace as the small portions cook very fast. Once you get the hang of how fast to pipe the batter and how fast the pancake cooks, it’s easy and fun!

Do try out this recipe if these beautiful mini pancakes have caught your eye, and we promise they’ll be worth the effort. Bon appetit!


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