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Pink Passion Smoothie Bowl

How many of you vouch for starting the day with a delicious smoothie? Whether you like to have a fast breakfast on the go or prefer to start the day with a bowl carefully loaded with healthy goodness, smoothies are for (almost) everyone!

“A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!”

As the days turn greyer and greyer this autumn, we needed an extra dash of colour in our life, and what better place to get it from than a vibrant smoothie bowl? Not only is this pretty pink smoothie bowl almost too pretty to eat, but it's loaded with vitamins, which our bodies are often deficient in during autumn and winter time. Irrespective of what time of year you're reading this, smoothie bowls are a delicious and healthy way to start the day!

This recipe contains baobab powder, a superfood which helps to increase energy levels and is beneficial for the immune system as well as for gut health. The powder is also well known as a prebiotic and supports healthy skin.

Another superfood giving this recipe a vibrant pink colour and richness is pitaya powder. It is known to be high in fibre, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and essential fatty acids such as omega 3 & 6. Pitaya powder is a healthy addition to your smoothie, and results in a gorgeous colour!

Using versatile fruits for your smoothie can help ensure a variety of vitamins. Along with superfood powders to enrich your smoothie, bananas, citrus fruits, and berries are great for smoothies. Take the delicious smoothie bowl one step further by topping it off with more fresh fruits.

Personalise your smoothie bowl with fruits of your choice and favourite toppings. From sliced fruits to jams, nut butters, almond flakes, granola, the possibilities for topping your smoothie bowl are truly endless. I mean, why not use your smoothie bowl as a blank canvas for your food art creativity? We're not sure who is going to be more impressed, your tummy or your friends on Instagram.


  • To maintain a thicker consistency like ours, it's recommended to use more creamy, frozen fruit. And in case you like your smoothies to be runnier, we recommend using roughly equal portions of fresh and frozen fruit.

  • Almond milk can be substituted with any other plant-based milk such as oat or soy milk, or dairy milk depending on your diet preference.


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