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Mango banana smoothie bowl

Mango banana smoothie bowl recipe

Start your mornings with a refreshing mango banana smoothie bowl that will give you enough of energy to get through the day! As an artistic gesture of solidarity, our smoothie is also a tribute to the recent horrific events in Ukraine.

While smoothie bowls usually bring lots of joy, the mood around the world and in our household has been sombre the last few days. The attack on Ukraine has left us all in pain, fear, and concern, with many of us unable to answer the question: "Is this really happening in 2022?". Given the current global situation, we're grateful for being able to wake up next to our alarm clocks, rather than sirens or bombings, and to be sitting on our couch rather than in a shelter.

When the shock of the events turned into sadness, we wanted to find our own way of expressing our support for Ukraine and Ukrainians by using something we both enjoy - cooking. And so, this smoothie bowl decor was inspired by the Ukrainian flag. It's also a small way for us to show our optimism for a peaceful future for the country, and to pray that the violence will end soon so that normal life may return.


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