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Apple and Cherry Puff Pastry Tarts

Who said desserts have to be cumbersome? Here is an easy-peasy dessert recipe that anyone, literally ANYONE can pull off! Baking newbies, this recipe is perfect if you have a sugar craving but are looking for something easy to get baking.

“Dessert makes everything better.”

We love frozen puff pastry, be it sweet recipe or a savoury one. It literally speeds things up so much in the kitchen! And while making pastry is fun and tastes delicious, sometimes there is just not enough time to start from scratch. I mean, who doesn't have at least one favourite recipe involving puff pastry?

Fruity tarts are all the hype during the autumn. If you think cherry on top of ice cream is good, wait till you taste ice cream on top of gooey cherries on a bed of perfect puff pastry crust!

If you want to keep an eye on your sugar consumption, this low-sugar dessert recipe is a win-win on the lips and the hips. Most of the sweetness of the tarts comes from natural sugars from the fruit. There is only a little added sugar, and it's less than 1 tsp per serving. So overall, fruit tarts seem to be a good option for a healthy dessert choice, after all, fruit is the main ingredient!

As we promised, this easy-peasy recipe only requires 20 minutes of prep time and another 20 minutes of baking time. In case you're on a plant-based diet, be sure to look out for vegan puff pastry. Alternatively, to make this recipe gluten-free, swap out the puff pastry one for a gluten-free one. Oh, and one more thing before you get baking – don't be surprised if you are mesmerised by the smell of your kitchen after this fun baking session!


  • This recipe moves fast but you might want to keep an eye that the puff pastry doesn't de-frost too fast. The best results are with chilled puff pastry!

  • You can also use coconut oil or vegan butter for your “egg wash”. Feel free to substitute dark syrup for maple or agave syrup based on what is handy.

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Nov 02, 2021

So cool....will soon try this

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