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Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies - fun with the whole family in the kitchen

There is something magical about Christmas and baked goods, and that is why our Christmas baking marathon continues with the all-time favorite – gingerbread cookies. As we inch towards Christmas and the holiday season, we just could not resist making a big batch of cookies for the weekend. Not only is making soft gingerbread cookies a great way to start celebrating the holidays, but it is also a magical way to bond with loved ones.

Whether you are looking for something festive to bake on the weekend, want to gift some homemade baked cookies, or want DIY Christmas home decorations, look no further! These vegan gingerbread cookies got you covered.

This holiday season, we want to discover and share recipes that everyone can enjoy. While cooking or baking for the whole family during the holidays can be challenging, it can get even more complicated if there are special diets to be accommodated. However, this holiday stress can easily be bypassed by having some delicious recipes up your sleeve. In fact, what's better than inclusive recipes without compromising your taste buds one bit?

We were very excited and a little anxious about this recipe, as we have never tried non-vegan gingerbread cookies. Our doubts lingered till the last minute, and only evaporated with the first bite into these crispy, soft gingerbread cookies. Much to our delight, the cookies turned out exceptional and it was hard to tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan gingerbread cookies.


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