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Vegan Baked Feta Spinach Pasta

This vegan baked feta spinach pasta recipe, based on the viral TikTok trend, is very much worth the hype. The recipe is simple, fun and unconventional, so we couldn't wait to try the trending recipe ourselves and share our favourite version of it.

“Life is about exploring pasta-bilities.”

Most of us have already seen versions of this recipe doing rounds on social media. But the question is, have you tried it? Pasta has always been a classic favourite and it’s interesting to see how recipe developers give a new spin to this much-loved dish.

This recipe was originally developed by Finnish blogger Jenni Häyrinen, and rumours say that grocery stores here in Finland ran out of feta cheese during the hype. Though we never witnessed it, good thing our version of the ingenious recipe is veganized (our “feta” is a cheesy blend of tofu, cashews and more).

Instead of using feta cheese, we made a tofu version of the same by blending tofu, cashews, nutritional yeast with lemon juice and seasoning. It's a great alternative to feta, though the flavours of the two are quite distinct, but definitely delicious.

This dinner recipe is vegan friendly and can be simply made GF by using gluten-free pasta. As for how to make it more nutritious, we generously added spinach to add some greens to the recipe. Additionally, the greens also contribute a vibrant colour to the dish.


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