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Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

When the days are short, dark, and cold, all you need to warm up your body and soul is a bowl of hot soup! And we've got just the right recipe for you! One could say that soups usually aren't the most exciting or exotic. And, well, we agree! The story, however, does not end there. In our house, we're always on the lookout for new and delicious soups, and we've recently discovered a fantastic match.

“Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living.”

This recipe combines two opposing flavours that work well together. The sweet and earthy flavour of sweet potatoes is mixed with the spicy and aromatic features of curry. From the first spoon of this soup, you'll know it's a winning combination. And, while we can't stress how tasty it is, let's have a look at the health benefits. If you're trying to eat healthy, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of nutrients. They're high in fibre and have a lot of vitamins in them. Your gut microbes will also thank you for making this dish with sweet potatoes as the main ingredient!

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

Did you know that spicy food is good for your health as well as warming your insides during the cold months? Spices have long been recognized in traditional medicine and have been used in India for ages. In the last ten years or so, an increasing number of Indian spices have found their way into European kitchens and cuisines. And while the list of health benefits for each spice may be too long to share, spices are high in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and can help avoid heart disease. Are there any other reasons to eat spicy food? Yes, please!

This recipe only takes 45 minutes to prepare and is very easy to scale up or down. We got at least 6 large portions out of one batch, so be sure to have a good appetite! For a complete meal, serve this soup with some warm, fluffy naan bread. Last but not least, if you decide to make this sweet potato coconut curry soup, tag us on Instagram or leave a comment so we can see your version of this soup.


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