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Sour Love

During our summer vacation last year, we came across an incredible sour green drink that we immediately fell in love with! The after taste of the delicious drinks stayed with us long after our vacation ended. As the first signs of spring appear in Finland, we wanted to recreate this unique drink with a twist of our own. While the main ingredient for the original drink was Midori (a sweet, bright green-colored, muskmelon-flavored liqueur), we chose to use De Kuyper Sour Apple Liqueur (caramel-green, medium full bodied, green apple aroma, sharp, tart). This cocktail recipe is exactly what we needed during the lockdown to teleport us to warmer, happier times and memories.

So, if you love sour drinks and experimenting with cocktails, this one’s for you! Cheers to staying at home and being responsible adults during these grave times. But staying home doesn't necessarily have to be boring! Unleash your inner creative bartender and enjoy homemade cocktails at just a fraction of the usual price.


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