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Refreshing Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Homemade popsicles are perfect for a warm day. Since we have a bit of a sweet tooth, we make these all-year round and enjoy them as a mid day snack or after dinner dessert. Considering how great these popsicles taste, it's not surprising they're popular among children and adults alike. The fact that this recipe requires no added sugar is a big win-win. After all, why not make your own popsicles if it's so simple and the results are so satisfactory?

In this recipe, we share three varieties we made, but the list of fruit popsicle variations is long and flexible. If you're planning to have friends over, you might want to add a dash of vodka or tequila to the recipe for an extra kick. On the other hand, if you're hosting a kid's birthday party, you might want to make a variety of sweet and sour popsicles with a selection of seasonal fruits.



Portions for 16 small popsicles

Rasberry (100g)

Blueberry (100g)

Kiwi (4)

Plain Lemonade (1L)



  1. Put 10-15 blueberries in the popsicle mold. Add lemonade until the brim of the mold.

  2. Repeat the same with raspberries in different popsicle moulds. Top it off with water, lemonade or juice as preferred.

  3. Slice the kiwi into thin slices after peeling the skin off. Make sure each kiwi flavored popsicle has one kiwi slice in it.

  4. Blend the rest of the kiwis in a food blender with a small amount of water or lemonade. Small tip: don't blend too much, the black kiwi seeds should stay intact.

  5. Freeze overnight and ready to serve! Enjoy your fruit popsicles!


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