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Mouth-watering Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a recipe we have had our eyes on for some time now. We love pie, so when we added crunchy pecans and syrup to the equation, it was sweet tooth heaven! A slice of this delicious warm pecan pie with a hot cup of tea is exactly what you need for a relaxing evening. For my idea of a perfect winter evening, just add some cosy socks, an interesting book, and a blanket to feel warm and comfy.

Baking has been one of our favourite hobbies this winter season. Firstly, like many of you out there, we end up spending a lot more time indoors compared to the summertime. And with the global pandemic still ongoing and people spending more time at home than ever before, so many of us have turned to the kitchen in the quest for a new hobby.

This pecan pie recipe is made without corn syrup. Instead, we combined dark and light syrup. The outcome was extremely delicious, though the sweetness of the syrup may be a bit too sweet for some. Since we love sweets so much, this was no problem for us.


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