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Moist & Easy Carrot Cake

The holidays are a great time to try a new recipe or two, or even remake a special recipe. And with Easter right around the corner, we whipped up our favourite carrot cake recipe! A carrot cake recipe that's equal parts soft, moist, and heavenly!

What amazes me about carrot cake is how one of my less favourite vegetables, carrot, can be turned into such an appetising dessert! This moist carrot cake recipe is for those who want to make a great dessert but have limited time. This recipe is also parent friendly, as it will not consume your whole day, but the end result is a super hit.

The prep time for this recipe is 30 minutes, followed by a baking time of 1 hour. You can further shorten the prep time by purchasing store bought grated carrots or using a food processor to grate them.

This recipe contains nuts to add a bit of crunch in every bite of cake. And it really does add this extra richness. We added crushed pecans but feel free to experiment with different types of nuts or to leave them out in case of allergy or dislike. Though we doubt this cake will last long in your household, feel free to store it up to four days. Some say the cake tastes even better the day after! Personally, I'm too impatient to wait until the next day and can't wait to dig in the minute it's out of the oven. So, let's get baking!


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