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Mini Blueberry Pies

Mini Blueberry Pies

To celebrate Finland's 104th year of independence, we simply had to dedicate a recipe that was ideally fitting for the occasion. And since we are both pie lovers, the decision was simple. Blueberry pie (also known as mustikkapiirakka in Finnish) is a traditional and delicious Finnish dessert. And, if there's anything we love more than pie, it's mini pie!

“Everyone loves a slice of pie!”

I mean, what's not to love about all the delicious flavorus of pie in a bite-sized form? And, while pies are a great choice for a dinner party with family or friends, eating them just the two of us doesn't always seem like a good idea. Mini pies, thankfully, provide an alternative option for us to satisfy our pie cravings while also keeping our sugar intake in control.

It's all too tempting to overindulge in sugary treats when the holidays or social gatherings approach. And while we have no intention of snacking on broccoli at a party, it's fine to try to make your holiday food a little healthier! By this, we simply mean taking one step at a time, such as replacing potato with baked veggie chips. A healthy hummus can also be used in place of a high-calorie dip. Downsizing dessert portions, as we did with these quick mini blueberry pies, is another option.

Berries have a vital role in Finnish culture as well as cuisine. In fact, the connection goes beyond food because berry picking is a popular hobby in Finland. Fresh berries plucked from a Finnish forest have a distinct flavour that is a rare delight. Lingonberry, blueberry, cloudberry, and raspberry are just a few examples of the many berries available.

In this part of the Nordics, berry-based desserts and jams are extremely popular. And as foodies, we can't get enough of the hype. If you're familiar with the Finnish flag's colours (blue and white), you'll see why blueberry pie was an excellent choice for this occasion.


  • While fresh berries are ideal for this recipe, frozen berries would suffice if you're making it during a time of year when fresh fruit is rare (as we are).

  • If you want to make this recipe into a regular-sized pie, make sure you scale up the pie filling portion.


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