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Matcha Bars

Matcha lovers, this one’s for you! If you are a fan of matcha and want to explore more recipes with this unique earthy taste and vibrant green color, this matcha bar recipe is a sensational place to start!

Matcha has become extremely popular lately, with so many drink and dessert recipes in cafes and all over social media. And for a good reason – matcha is healthy, has a gorgeous green colour, and adds a unique flavour.

“Matcha makes everything better.”

A recent ingredient pairing that has stolen my heart is matcha combined with cacao nibs. They complement each other really well, and each bite has a bit of crunchy dark chocolate. Not to mention this delicious duo is guilt free because it is super healthy, and is a great addition to numerous dessert recipes.

These vegan matcha bars are ideal as a dessert and as a healthy snack for supporting a busy day. Made with nuts, dates, seeds, cacao nibs, and matcha powder, these bars are stocked with high energy ingredients. It's super handy to make a batch of these bars over the weekend and snack on them over the week.


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