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Kiwi Moringa Nice Cream

Bye-bye green smoothies, hello green nice cream! Just kidding, we have no intention of saying goodbye to smoothies, but nice cream is our current weakness. I mean, what better way to start the day than with a bowl of delicious, healthy almost ice cream? Whether you want to enjoy nice cream for breakfast or as a healthy dessert or a snack, nice cream is a guilt-free, tasty choice!

"Life is better with nice cream."

Since we often enjoy nice creams for breakfast, we like to supplement them with energy boosting and nutrient dense ingredients like moringa, spirulina, and protein powder. For this nice cream recipe, moringa and spirulina were an ideal pair. Not only are there countless health benefits, but also the green nice cream is a real soothing treat for the eyes.

Moringa, obtained from dried leaves of the moringa tree, has increasingly gained popularity around the world for its significant health benefits. The powder is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and is also a great source of plant based protein. Spirulina is another popular ingredient in smoothies and nice creams for its impressive nutrient profile.

This vegan nice cream recipe is as easy as it gets! You could be having this tasty treat in under 15 minutes of preparation time. Not only is it a fast recipe, it's a simple one with just 4 ingredients. That is why it is the perfect breakfast idea for busy mornings, without compromising on either taste or health.


  • For a thicker consistency for this nice cream we recommend freezing the fruits for 12 hours before preparation.

  • In case you would like to make this recipe with a normal blender instead of a high speed blender, be sure to thaw your fruits for 30 minutes before blending or alternatively briefly microwave them for 15-30 seconds.


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