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Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Creamy Chocolate Pudding - fancy looking and stunning dessert recipe

Chocolate pudding – a dessert classy enough to be included for a fancy three-course homecooked meal, but also easy enough to prepare for a lazy chocolate craving night. Why bother making a homemade chocolate pudding when you can just buy it at your local grocery store? Because, like much other homemade foods and desserts, the outcome is rewarding, delicious, and so much healthier.

Chocolate pudding is a super convenient dessert to make beforehand, as it can be prepared and stored in the fridge till ready to serve. A dessert that’s ready in under 20 minutes (prep time) and can be stored for days is an absolute blessing for all the busy people out there. Feel free to distribute the pudding into serving portions once ready and store the pudding in plastic containers for up to a week.

In case you are a fan of eggless recipes, this one’s for you! Personally, I am not the biggest fan of eggs in no-bake recipes, so I was surely intrigued by the outcome of this recipe. Needless to say, we tried to make the perfect chocolate pudding quite a few times before getting the recipe just right.

Complement the rich, creamy, and delicious flavour of the pudding with a topping of your choice. Some popular choices include whipped cream, shredded chocolate, berries of your choice or nuts for a crunchy texture.


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