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Home-made and easy naan bread

Home-made and easy naan bread recipe

Naan bread is a traditional Indian bread that's become very popular globally because of its delicious taste and soft texture. There is an extensive list of Indian breads with each one being very unique. To name a few of my favorites: roti, naan, laccha paratha, alu paratha, and luchi, are just a few of the many, many bread varieties that exist in Indian cuisine.

Traditionally, Indian breads are always paired with curry. Both of them complement each other brilliantly and like many other Indian expats out there, one dearly misses mom's home cooked bread and curry, like luchi alu dum (an Indian bread with potato curry). While traditional cuisine will always be loved and missed, living in Europe has broadened my interest in fusion cuisine. That's why naan bread was daringly paired with chicken soup. The outcome was pleasant, and I'm not too surprised. Naan bread is so versatile, it's very easy to mix and match.


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