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Creamy Spinach Soup

Looking for an alternative way to intake greens other than the usual salad? This creamy spinach soup is a great way to add greens to your meal! This plant-based recipe supplemented with daily multi-vitamin is an ideal starter meal or a light lunch idea.

The health benefits of spinach are no secret – rich vitamin profile, boosting the immune system, and preventing heart disease. It's no wonder our mothers were so reluctant we finish every last bite of spinach when we were young! In addition, daily multi-vitamin has proven to boost our immunity, support healthy hair and skin, and even helps us to simply feel better in our daily lives. As adults aspiring to live a long and healthy life, we turn back to the foods we once shied away from. In the process of trying to live a healthier life, we rediscover ingredients such as spinach in a new way through fun and tasty recipes.

With a preparation + cooking time of 30 minutes, this recipe will be done in no time. Enjoy the soup warm or cold, as preferred!


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