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Beetroot Hummus

Don't you love having euphoria moments with food? Like, when you discover a food for the first time and realise how stunningly delicious it is? Or when you try a particular flavour combo and are astonished you've never tried it before? Being dedicated foodies ourselves, those moments are so special – in that second you know you've discovered a new favourite. I remember my “euphoria” moment with beetroot hummus like it was yesterday!

Hummus has recently become a necessity in our fridge. It pairs so well with so many snacks and dishes that it's extremely handy to have it on hand. From pairing it with toast or crackers, or with wraps or veggie dip, the versatility means you'll always find something in your kitchen to enjoy hummus with. And if you're not already prepared to make a giant batch of this delicious hummus, wait till you hear the health benefits.

“Spread hummus, not hate.”

Adding a healthy portion of hummus to your diet can be beneficial in multiple ways. Hummus contains plant-based protein, iron, and B vitamins, all which are crucial for us because people on a plant-based diet often lack it. Fibre rich chickpeas have also shown to be beneficial for gut health. Fibre rich foods are recommended for maintaining a regular digestive tract and may even help promote healthy gut bacteria.

The list of benefits of hummus is truly long. Chickpeas and tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds) are a good source of calcium. Maintaining good calcium level is important for bone health and has also been linked to relief from PMS symptoms. And while hummus checks many of the boxes for PMS relief, be careful to not add too much salt.

Swap out your regular, not-so-healthy dip choice for this bright pink, lemony, garlicky hummus right now! With a prep time of 30 minutes and a cook time of 10 minutes, this recipe will be ready in around 40 minutes. And while we made a large portion for ourselves, you can't ever have too much hummus, right?


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