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Kristaps & Megha

We are the couple behind Couple of Expats. As an expat couple navigating life in Finland, we share our secrets of building a life abroad in this blog. 

We’re a 20-something couple with a shared love for Finland, our second home, and a desire to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Join us to learn how we have managed to successfully build a life in Finland in just 5 years and why the Nordic life is famous for its sense of well-being.


We know firsthand how hard it is to leave the nest and build a life in a completely new country. By sharing our insider tips and tricks for navigating life in the Nordics, we hope to make your integration smoother. 

So together, let’s embark on this journey!

The couple behind Couple of Expats - Kristaps Kovalonoks and Megha Goswami.
Kristaps Kovalonoks and Megha Goswami walking through the streets of Turku in Finland.
Megha Goswami in the kitchen.

As our love grew, so did our time in the kitchen...

Our recipes come with detailed yet easy-to-follow instructions that will help you recreate the magic in your own kitchen.

Explore countless recipes that have brought us joy. We hope they do the same for you!

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Meet Kristaps Kovalonoks.  A picture of him grown up and as a young boy.

Meet Kristaps

Young 8-year-old Kristaps Kovalonoks idea of true love was the sourest candy he could get his hands on. That was until he met Megha and soon after discovered his passion for being behind the lens. During the day Kristaps tackles international affairs in a higher education institution and evenings are spent photographing, video graphing, editing on repeat. When he’s not working, you can find him at the gym or watching fictional universe.

As a young girl, Megha Goswami grew up with an aptitude for science but passion for storytelling. Her heart chose both as she works as a scientist in diagnostics during the day and focuses on content creation during her free time. When she's not working, you can find her cooking in the kitchen or planning their wedding.

Meet Megha

Meet Megha Goswami. A picture of her grown up and as a young girl.


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